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The Therapeutic Value of Reminiscing




Chance McClain

 Founder of Heritage Films


Chance McClain founded Heritage Films in 2015. Using the practices, equipment, and processes of a professional documentary film, Heritage Films preserves the stories and life-lessons of seniors and families for future generations. 
After serving as a light-infantry medic in the US Army, Chance entered the public spotlight in 1999 with a series of songs about prominent athletes. In 2003, on the heels of a song for Houston Rockets phenom Yao Ming, he took a job as the creative director at CBS Radio’s Houston sports radio station, SportsRadio 610. Over the next decade he became a key player in the Houston sports media scene working closely with the Astros, Rockets, Dynamo, and Texans. 
In 2008, Chance wrote the award-winning, feature-length musical film, Horrible Turn. The following year he started Texas Chance Productions, a full-service boutique video production company. In 2011, he wrote the book, music, and score for the stage off-Broadway New York musical Kissless. 

Chance runs Heritage Films along with his wife of 25 years, Kearstin. Their daughter, Abbey is a freshman at Stephen F. Austin State University and their son, Noah, is a filmmaker in Austin. 
Heritage Films has filmed the life stories of more than 250 families. From a 99-year old business owner that still works full-time to a 46-year old father on home hospice counting days, not weeks, Chance has a unique perspective on the power of reflection and storytelling.